Sustainable Supplements

Pure, sustainably produced nutritional supplements for your health and the health of our planet

Sustainable Ingredient Sources, Formulations and Packaging are Basis for Safe & Sound® Supplements. Here are the facts:

  • Our ingredients from the purest renewable sources
  • Our formulations focus on the natural inherent nutritional needs of our bodies and traditional natural balance proven over centuries for botanical care
  • Packaging is recyclable amber glass bottles that are renewable after use. No plastic bottles, period.
  • Made in USA where we can verify that everything in our supply chain, from the planting of the seeds to workers receiving fair treatment and a fair wage to manufacturing without the use of synthetic chemicals can be monitored and verified

A Unique Product when Safety is Important. Here are the facts

Contamination of dietary supplements is a concerning, well-documented problem in the medical literature.

Safe & Sound® products are unique. They are manufactured and screened for heavy metals, microbials (bacteria, yeast, molds and parasites), pesticides and label accuracy when that is not required of other supplements. Screening criteria exceeds the most stringent safety levels available worldwide.

We build these products to be safe enough for our own families.

Heavy metal contamination

A concern for everyone. One study found 20 out of 51 samples of prenatal vitamins exceeded allowable levels of lead. The same study also found arsenic above acceptable limits.

Microbial contamination

Found and documented in supplements, has resulted in illness and death.

Pesticide residues

Pesticides found and documented in some supplements  can result in serious long term illnesses including cancer.

Label accuracy

All of our finished products are laboratory tested for label accuracy, a well-documented problem for some supplements.


Q: Do USP, UL, NSF and Consumer Lab label seals also assure safety?

A: According to Consumer Reports, “Such a seal doesn’t guarantee that a product is safe or that it does what it’s claimed to do, but it offers some assurance that you’re getting what’s on the label”.[A direct quote from Consumer Reports VOL 86 NO 12 December 2021 p. 41.]

All Safe & Sound® Products

Screened for 145 pesticides

FDA Supplement Regulations

Pesticide testing is not required

Screened for heavy metals including lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury

Heavy metal testing not required

Screened for 27 bacteria, yeasts, molds and parasites

Microbial Testing required for just 4 bacteria species

Screened for label accuracy

Label testing not required

Screened by ISO-17025 qualified laboratory

ISO Qualified lab not required. Manufacturers can test their products (conflict of interest) in their own lab.

Hypoallergenic: Contain no dairy, yeast, egg, sugar, wheat, added salt, gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors

Allergenic excipients corn, soy are common and not regulated

Fully complies with California’s Proposition 65 (strictest safety standards in North America)

Required only in California. If you purchase outside of California, Prop 65 is not required to be on the label

Glass packaging: No plastic contact with product

Plastic is common and allowed by FDA even though it can leach chemicals associated with cancer, neurologic disease and more

Natural vanilla flavor except for the Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids which has natural mixed berry flavor – Kid friendly. Capsules can be emptied and mixed with food

Not required or common


GMO ingredients are not regulated


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