The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates supplement safety with Current Good Manufacturing Processes. There is not, however, any requirement to test finished, packaged products for label accuracy, heavy metals, pesticides or microbials such as bacteria and molds. The result is that product quality and safety vary even with the same manufacturer and product as a result of differences in raw material quality and manufacturing.

At VitaQual we believe that what you put in your body should be exactly what is on the label and screened for toxins at the last stage of manufacturing i.e. in the sealed bottle since these materials can enter the product at any time up until it is sealed.

VitaQual has every manufacturing batch of every product tested by an ISO (International Standards Organization) accredited laboratory for:

  • 25 different pathogens (bacteria, molds etc.)
  • 145 different pesticides
  • Heavy metals to the most stringent levels i.e. safe for a pregnant woman
  • Label accuracy

Contaminated supplement products can result in many problems including poisoning, disease and birth defects.