How does the VitaQual system work?

We start with manufacturers that have products our customers want and see if they are willing to have the product subjected to our rigorous testing by one of the national, accredited laboratories we use. If they agree, samples of the product identified by manufacturing batch number, we test every manufacturing batch since there can be

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If a company uses ISO accredited laboratory testing, what else do I need to know?

The testing limits are also important. VitaQual testing exceeds all known regulatory and advisory recommendations including USP, California proposition 65 for a pregnant woman, USDA and FDA food limits. And, we test for many contaminants that are not yet part of the regulatory testing requirements. The VitaQual PASSED seal is your guarantee that the product

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Is supplement safety and quality really a problem?

Nutritional supplements are a critically important way for us to stay strong and healthy. Unfortunately, there are many products out there that don’t provide what’s on the label or have dangerous levels of adulterants and it is virtually impossible for consumers to know which are safe and which are not, at least until now. Typical

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Why purchase products from VitaQual?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates supplement safety with Current Good Manufacturing Processes. There is not, however, any requirement to test finished, packaged products for label accuracy, heavy metals, pesticides or microbials such as bacteria and molds. The result is that product quality and safety vary even with the same manufacturer and product as

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