About VitaQual

The story begins with a group of naturopathic physicians who were concerned about the safety, purity and effectiveness of nutritional products we were prescribing for our patients and our families. Numerous news reports about contamination and inaccurate labels plus our challenges finding high quality products packaged in glass and independently tested by an ISO accredited laboratory led us to create the VitaQual program.

The VitaQual Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) testing Standards are more stringent than any government or trade organization and include label accuracy, adulterants, pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals and microbials such as bacteria, yeast, molds, funguses or parasites. It is important to know what is not in the bottle, not just what is in the bottle.

We also wanted products with rational formulas. For example, the multiple vitamin mineral product should have 100% of the RDA for most ingredients (except calcium and magnesium which should be taken separately), not products with 4,000% of this and 12% of that.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires only limited testing, mostly on the raw materials from which the products are made, not on the final packaged product. Products on the VitaQual website, however, are tested in their final bottled form so there is no chance that if something happened to the product during mixing, encapsulation or bottling that it would be missed.

The FDA allows products to be tested by the same company who manufactured them in their own laboratory by their own employees, a significant conflict of interest. Products on the VitaQual website are tested by a completely independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Cost is important. There are no pyramid schemes, middlemen or expensive sales programs here. We keep costs down by selling directly to the consumer. In this way we can provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.

We don’t take shortcuts that compromise quality and safety. Period.